Five things to pray for America and Scotland!

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As you know, in normal times, I fly back and forth between Scotland and Florida regularly. The USA and Scotland are in some ways so very, very different; but yet there are things which almost identical too. The greatest one of these is the overwhelming spiritual need of the people to know Christ.

Today I was chatting to a friend who is a Christian in Scotland. The conversation came around asking people in America to pray for Scotland, and people in Scotland to pray for America – and what the top five things we should ask each other to pray for should be. Interestingly we came up with pretty much the same five things!

So this is a call for you to pray. Most of my readers are in the US or in Scotland; so if you are in the US. please will you take five minutes now to pray for Scotland. And if you are reading this in America, please do the same for Scotland!

Here are five things to pray for Scotland and America

  1. That the church would be revived.

Please pray urgently that the church will stand firm on the Bible, be filled with Holy Spirit, be pure and set apart for Christ, and willing to suffer for Him. Please ask The Lord to bless our nations with a church which brings glory to His name.

  1. That the church would come back strong from lockdown

These have been hard days for the church, with all kinds of programs and services postponed because of the Covid-19 lockdown. Please pray that God’s people will make a strong comeback, when we know that so many organizations are in difficulty.

  1. That we would be given wise and godly government.

As the American people go to the polls in the Presidential elections, and the Scots vote for a new government in Spring 2021, please pray that we will be blessed with leaders who make wise, godly decisions. Pray that we would be spared from leaders who are opposed to God’s ways.

  1. That faithful missionaries and evangelists would come in great numbers.

Even as we pray for politicians and leaders, we don’t find our hope in politics! The only hope for our two nations is the gospel of Jesus. The field are white unto harvest – please pray for a great influx of missionaries and evangelists to take the gospel to the people of our lands who really are like sheep without a shepherd.

  1. That there would be a return to God’s ways in public life.

Both our lands are blighted by sinfulness which is paraded as virtue in public life. I genuinely believe that The Lord is deeply grieved by the selfishness, greed, and corruption that results in everything from violence to extreme poverty to abortion to all manner of sinfulness. Lord have mercy on us all!

Because Jesus has died and risen from the dead, and is seated at the right hand of God the Father; in His name we can approach the throne of grace and press our concerns there. The gates of heaven are open, the Lord is waiting to hear from you. And this is what he says:

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. (2 Chron 7:14)

And yes, that is a specific promise given to Israel in the Old Testament, not to any nation-state today. Nevertheless The Lord Himself has not changed! He is still the God who answers prayer, who rules over the nations and the one we should honor and respect. Just as the blessing of Almighty God was the only hope for Israel, so it is the only hope for us today.

And the verse begins with an “IF”…. It all hangs on one of the biggest “Ifs” in the Bible.

If my people humble themselves and pray….

So, friends in Scotland. I call on you urgently – in The Name of the Lord to stop what you are doing now and pray for America. And friends in Scotland, will you pause from the internet for a few minutes to pray for Scotland?

This is urgent, so please join me in intercession for these two countries.


Angela Courte MacKenzie
Angela Courte MacKenzie

Angela Courte MacKenzie is a broadcaster, pianist, vocalist, and worship leader. Her music has traveled all over the world through her Facebook live events and The Power of Praise program as a witness to the glory of God. Angela holds a B.A. degree in music/vocal performance from the University of Central Florida, and a M.A. in apologetics from Talbot School of Theology, Biola University.

Her desire is to awaken hearts to Christ through music, Bible Teachings, blogs, one 2 one chats, the gifts of laughter and simply life in “real time.”

To find out more about Angela visit To hear her music and other offerings visit her YouTube channel


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