Beautiful Blessing Boxes!

by | Sep 4, 2020 | Blog

Here’s something fun and practical that I’ve been wanting to share with you for a few weeks now! Some people call these ‘Happy Boxes’, others call them, ‘Blessing Boxes’. It doesn’t matter what you call them, they are just a wonderful way of keeping in touch with people, blessing them and bringing some love, light, joy and truth into their lives!

Here’s what I do. I take a good sized box and fill it up with some small gifts that will bring a huge smile to the person who’s going to receive the it. So, I always start with some home baking. Chocolate-chip cookies are easy to make, and everyone loves them. Then I add a few things that are just for the person they are going to. Nephews and nieces always get some activity sheets, some coloring-in books and some pens. Then I add some stickers, some small toys and a something fun like a badge or something sparkly.

The key is to make it fun, make it surprising and make it personal. An adult might like a book, along with their cookies. Grandchildren might prefer some candy. Then you have to get to work decorating the box. This is huge fun, and makes it such a treat for the person who receives it. I draw pictures, add personal messages and some encouraging words from the Bible.

Of course, I could just go to an online store and click “send”, and they’d get a gift – but it would come in a boring cardboard sleeve, like a million other gifts. But a blessing box is totally unique and makes people’s faces light up with a huge smile when the delivery arrives at the door. Most people get more joy from a personal gift than from an expensive one!

I started doing this when we were in lockdown in the global pandemic. I have many friends and family members that I couldn’t visit, and couldn’t share cookies and scriptures with in person! So I started making Blessing Boxes and sending them out. People’s reactions have been amazing too. They are not expecting anything, it’s just an ordinary day – and the door bell rings, and there is the postman with a brightly colored box bursting with joy (and cookies!).

So, make a Blessing Box today, and surprise someone and bring them joy.

Angela Courte MacKenzie
Angela Courte MacKenzie

Angela Courte MacKenzie is a broadcaster, pianist, vocalist, and worship leader. Her music has traveled all over the world through her Facebook live events and The Power of Praise program as a witness to the glory of God. Angela holds a B.A. degree in music/vocal performance from the University of Central Florida, and a M.A. in apologetics from Talbot School of Theology, Biola University.

Her desire is to awaken hearts to Christ through music, Bible Teachings, blogs, one 2 one chats, the gifts of laughter and simply life in “real time.”

To find out more about Angela visit To hear her music and other offerings visit her YouTube channel

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  1. Carol L Calvin

    Great Idea….I have done this for my adopted daughters family in Mexico…send on a fairly regular basis….like you said ….its no so much what you send but that you thought of them enough to send it. Thanks for sharing


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